Why a blog?

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This morning, as I was praying a rosary on my way to work, the idea to start a blog came into my mind.  It’s not the first time it has come into my mind in the past few months.  Fran has mentioned it, and Jennifer has brought up a post I had written on my old blog.  During prayer today, I was convicted that I need to start a blog again.  I asked God, “why a blog?”  I don’t want to do it just to do it.  I will do it for Him.

Last weekend when I was at home at my parents’ house, Jennifer asked my Mom if she could read the letters written between my Grandma and Grandpa.  These were letters written while they were dating each other.  My Mom said the letters were mostly about what they had been spending their time doing.  She said it was so neat how she could read about what they spent their time doing at that time in their life, how they spoke to each other, and their thoughts.  My Grandma saved these letters, and my uncles found them after she died.  My cousin, Beth, made copies of the letters to give to each of my aunts and uncles.  What a gift they had been given.

I want to give that same gift to my family.  I want to start writing down my thoughts, my reflections, my life, my family’s life.  Maybe they will read what I write.  Maybe they won’t.  And if not, that’s okay.  I want to reflect more on life and not take the little moments in my family’s life for granted.  And I think this blog may be a way for me to do that.



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