Henry Happenings


When I picked Henry up from daycare yesterday, Rita said he was trying to stack and put legos today.  He was also “getting” how to do puzzles.  He watches the big kids put them together, and he tries to do it, too.  Who gets excited about puzzles?  This Mama.  I love puzzles.  So I was very, very proud of him.  🙂

When we got home, I wanted to watch him see if he would try to put this puzzle together.  And he did!  He got some of the pieces in.  It was so fun watching him try.  And then, of course, he had to put some of his play ketchup on each piece.  Play food is typically seen in one of his hands.

He is walking further and further each time he tries.  I think he is walking around more at daycare than at home.  He still walks on his knees quite a bit at home.  But he is so close!  Craig and I love having him walk back and forth to each other.  Henry is always pretty proud of himself, too, after he walks.  He starts clapping for himself once he finishes walking to one of us with a big smile on his face.

He is still mostly saying ‘Dada’.  Occasionally I hear a ‘Mama’, but his favorite to say is still ‘Dada’.

We love watching you grow, Henry!


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