Our weekend

Our weekend started out a bit unplanned.  We found out that the offer on our house in Omaha fell through.  That was a big bummer because we will most likely have to pull out of our offer in Lincoln, as well.  We also have some things to take care of with our home in Omaha before we put it back on the market.  I am so thankful for Craig who has been doing so much to get everything taken care of with our house this weekend.  I know it is a lot – especially with him working in Lincoln.  I thought it was funny, and non-coincidental, how I had posted about trust a few days ago.  I can really see how much God is inviting me to trust Him right now with everything going on with our transition to Lincoln.  When I was praying this morning, my bible passage was ‘Dependence on God’ (Matthew 6:25-34).  He is speaking to me and making Himself very present through the uncertainty.

Saturday morning, Craig’s Aunt Alice and Uncle Jeff invited us over for brunch.  Craig’s cousin, Andrew, and his girlfriend, Meghan, were in town.  It was fun spending time with them and meeting Meghan.

Henry fell asleep on the way home, and I got to go on a run outside!  It felt so good to run.  I only ran about 2 miles.  It was tough.  I can tell I haven’t been running consistently throughout the winter.  But it felt so good to run, challenge myself, and tell myself to keep going.  I am so grateful to have been able to go.

When Henry woke up, Craig, Henry, and I went to the park.  Last summer and fall, Henry loved swinging at the park.  I was excited to take him again to see if he would like them just as much and to see what else he would like.  This time, he did enjoy swinging, but he loved the slides.  He would say, ‘g’ ‘g’, after he finished, which we told ourselves meant ‘again’.  He smiled and laughed going down it.

When we got home, we brought his Little Tikes car outside.  We went up and down the sidewalks in it.  He loves his car.  He honked the horn sometimes and just enjoyed the ride.

On Sunday, Henry and I headed to Lincoln for my cousin Jaime’s bridal shower.  It was fun to see her and her excitement for her wedding and marriage.  It was nice to see my family and catch up with them.

–I forgot to take pictures this weekend, but I am going to try to get better at that so I can post them with my blog posts.


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