At My Parents’ for the Weekend

I had a three day weekend this past weekend, which was such a gift!  Plus the weather was absolutely beautiful.  Bonus gift!

Henry and I went to Lincoln with Craig Friday morning.  Henry and I spent the day at my parents’ house playing with cousins while Craig worked.  All the cousins were off school that day so it worked out well!

Henry loves playing on the stairs at my parents’ house.  Bailey quickly turned his playing on the stairs into a peek-a-boo game.  Once Parker saw how much Bailey was making Henry laugh, he quickly joined in.

Henry isn’t laughing as much in this video that I caught of him, but he was loving it.  I think Bailey and Parker were, too. 🙂

We went to John’s house in the afternoon for a little while so the kids could jump on their new trampoline.  I let Henry jump on it – which means that I held his hands, and he went up and down.  He just smiled.  I think he enjoyed his first time on it.  That night we got pizza for John’s birthday.  Then we all played cards.  Craig won one of the hands when Seth was on his team.

Saturday morning Jennifer and I got to go on a run.  It was so lovely.  I love running on the bike trails in Lincoln.  It was fun to be able to run with her, too.  We were talking about suffering and the suffering that people go through in their lives.  Looking back it was kind of an intense conversation for being on a run!  But it was a good one.  I love that we share running and our faith in common.

Saturday afternoon was beautiful.  Henry and Emma played outside on the Little Tikes playground.  They were sitting on the little chairs and crawling all over the picnic table.  It is such a joy to watch them play together.


On Sunday, after Mass, Craig, Henry, and I went to visit Annie.  After that, Craig headed back to Omaha for our open house.  Henry and I stayed and played some more outside with his cousins.  It was a nice weekend spent with family.





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