snow day – house – birthdays

Thursday after school we headed to Lincoln to visit David, Annie, and baby Grant.  We are so happy for David and Annie and so so grateful for Grant.

While we were in Lincoln that night, I got the call that I had a snow day on Friday.  Snow days are seriously the best.  Henry and I went over to Jennifer and Matt’s house to watch their kids all day since Jennifer was having surgery.  It worked out perfectly!

While I was over there, Craig called to say we got an offer on our house!  This was such great and relieving news.  We accepted their offer and thought we should go look for houses Saturday morning since we no longer have a home.  We looked at two houses plus we decided to look at the house we originally put an offer on.  We put our offer back on the table on that house, and they accepted it on Sunday!  We are so excited about living there.  We are hopeful everything will work out this time around but are also trying to remain detached – just in case.

Saturday night my parents took Jeff and I out for our birthdays.  We went to La Paz for dinner.  My parents have always made our birthdays so special, and one of the ways they did that was by taking us out to dinner… just my parents and the birthday kid.  It was always special one on one time with them.  They continue to carry on the tradition, which I look forward to every year.  It was a fun night enjoying each others’ company.

Sunday morning Henry came down with a low-grade fever.  He wasn’t sleeping well Saturday night – which usually tells us something is wrong.  His fever broke by noon, though, and he was happily playing the rest of the day.

Jeff came over for dinner Sunday night so we could celebrate his birthday again. 🙂  It was fun having him over and spending time with him.



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