Dear Henry

We stopped at church to pray for a bit Monday afternoon.  You love crawling around in the church.  You especially love crawling up to the altar and trying to crawl up the steps onto the altar.  I have to come walk up from the pew to grab you so you don’t get too far up there; although I’d love so much for you to crawl around up there.

After awhile I thought we’d go to the back of the church to sit and pray so you’d have a longer aisle to walk down.  I was sitting and praying, and you were walking to the front of the church.  You were walking to Jesus — in the tabernacle, on the altar, Him hanging on the crucifix.  I was praying that you will always walk to Him.  I pray you never step walking to Him.  Always seek Him.  Always strive to be near Him.  Be with Him and spend time with Him.  He is always seeking after you and your heart.  And He is so so good and so so faithful.  I pray you know Jesus.  Not just about Him, but that you know Him personally in your heart and how deeply and intimately He loves you.


I will never forget these moments with you.




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