Opening your Heart – Parenting video

I did a bible study this fall and winter with Michelle and Emily called Opening your Heart.  It was a great study, and I really enjoyed the structure of it.  I especially loved how scripture based it was.

Every few weeks we watched a video as a part of the study.  One of the videos was on parenting (priority four – children).  I think this was one of the parts I got the most out of from the study.

It had so many takeaways about parenting.  It talked about disciplining and when we discipline to address the issue of the heart rather than just the behavior.  This way I can focus more on building virtue and instilling that language of virtue into the child’s heart and mind.  It gives the child a virtue to strive for and a reason why they don’t they aren’t supposed to do that unexpected behavior.

I am posting the video here so I can reference it in the future.  I know it’ll take me some time to think this way and think in the moment this way.

Link to video

Opening your Heart study

Talk 5 – Priority Four Children


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