Thoughts on Babies and the Spiritual Life

I was talking to Jennifer last week about my random thoughts I had been having on infants, and she told me I should write them down — which was a great idea. 🙂  So I thought this would be the place to do that.  I have no theological teachings behind my ideas here.  They are just reflections…

When Henry was littler, sometimes he would be looking — not at me or anything in particular — and he would smile or giggle to himself.  I remember wondering what he must be looking at.  And I think it has to be the angels.  Babies are so pure.  They are innocent.  They are free of sin.  They are humble.  They are completely dependent on others for all their needs.  I think they can see the angels, and maybe the saints, and maybe even Jesus and Mary.

I remember showing Henry a crucifix and a picture of Jesus for some of the first times when he was SO little.  And EVERY TIME he would smile back.  I just asked him, “Have you seen Jesus before?”  I can only wonder.

I also remember some of Henry’s tough nights between when he was a newborn and 3 months.  Some of those nights were so hard.  There was nothing I could do to calm him down.  I would just pray to Jesus, Mary, and his Guardian Angel, and I would give Him to them.  There was nothing I could do.  Only them.  I just would picture them trying to calm him down, hold him, comfort him, and love him.

When I was talking to Jennifer about this, she said she hadn’t really thought about it.  But she said last week, she noticed Emma looking up at the sky and laughing.  She said she wondered what she was looking at, too!  Isn’t it a beautiful thought?

When Henry and I were at church last week praying, he got up and walked around.  Rather than continuing to get up, pick him up, and bring him back to the pew, I decided to walk around following him while I prayed.  There was one point where he stopped in front of the altar, sat down on the first bottom step, stood up, ran over to the pew, touched it, ran back to the step on the altar, and repeated over and over again.  He was smiling and laughing while he did it – like it was a game.  I had this vision that he was playing with Grant, Mark, Kathryn, and Laura.  It brought me to tears watching him, and I just felt it so strongly in my heart.  I don’t doubt the Holy Spirit’s presence in my vision or prayer.


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