Our First Home

Craig and I have been packing up our home for the last week or two.  Packing an entire home is quite an experience.  It is nice to go through everything and try to declutter our lives a little bit.  It has also been fun to go through things together.  This was our home where we started to build our lives together.  It is neat to think about the things we have, where they came from, and the memory with it.

Craig has decided that at dinner time we both name something we will miss about our home and something we are excited about in our next home.  Here are some of the things we have come up with that we have loved about our first home:

-The character of the arches, doorknobs, old front door, light fixtures, windows, and layout

-The location — being near Aksarben, being able to walk to Aksarben, being near bike/running trails, Elmwood park, being in a central location in Omaha, the old homes near us, being near local restaurants, being near parks

-Having a small home — I know I am excited about the space of our new home, but I think I will miss cleaning a small home and having less “stuff”

-The fact that it was our first home together and all the memories we have shared here — (trying to) figure out how to be married :), finding out we were expecting with Henry and Baby #2, bringing Henry home from the hospital, hosting family and friends together… our house truly became our home.

-Spending time in our backyard together

Craig and I have loved our home and are very grateful for it.  We are excited to get into our new house to make it a home just like we did with this one.


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