Henry Happenings

Henry has always loved peek-a-book, but he has been initiating the game more and more.  He started to play it with us during meal time.  He just covers his eyes and waits for us to ask where he is.  It’s so fun.

During my spring break last week, we were able to go to the Children’s Museum one day with Jennifer, Emma, and Zac.  I love taking Henry to the Children’s Museum.  It was so fun to see what he was interested in.  It was so fun to go with Jennifer, Zac, and Emma, too!  They all played on the slides for quite awhile.  Then they moved over to the tractor for a bit.  Then we went to a room that had a lot of legos, blocks, and cars to build.  We also played with the balls in the gravity section for awhile.  Emma and Henry liked those!  Last we went upstairs to the animal playground and train.  We had a great time!


Henry is starting to talk more and more.  His words are Dada and the occasional Mama, but he tries to carry on a conversation with me or Craig with lots of jargon.  It is SO fun to hear him talk to us and to guess what he is saying.  🙂


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