Holy Week

I was listening to the Go Forth Podcast yesterday on my drive home from work.  My good friend, Fr. Kaup, was talking about Holy Week.  He gave some great practical tips for families on things they can do to enter into Holy Week and to teach kids what is happening.  These are some traditions I hope my family can begin doing during Holy Week:

  • Place palm branches from Palm Sunday on our prayer table
  • Attend the Chrism Mass on Monday evening — discuss how priests renew their vows during this Mass and how oils used for sacraments throughout the year are blessed at this time
  • Give up something extra (aside from our Lenten sacrifices) as a family during Holy Week to keep it more somber
  • Fr. talked about ‘Spy Wednesday’ which I had never heard it called that before.  He gave an idea to talk about Judas that day and what he did leading up to Jesus’ death.  I think this would be a great evening to attend Confession together as a family.
  • Thank our parish priests and other priests in our lives for their ‘yes’ and their priesthood on Holy Thursday in some way — maybe by writing a letter, making them pictures, bringing them a meal…
  • Attend Holy Thursday Mass
  • After Mass, visit 7 altars of repose at different churches in Lincoln.  St. Philip Neri gave this pilgrimage the number of 7 altars to visit.  Each child could pick a different church to visit.  Afterward we could have pancakes or something before bed.
  • Visit the church on Good Friday aside from attending Stations and Good Friday Service.  Talk about how Jesus is not in the tabernacle.
  • Attend Stations of the Cross and Good Friday Service
  • Attend the Easter Vigil Mass
  • Celebrate Easter for 8 days — I’m not sure how yet but making sure to celebrate in some way each day

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