Happy Easter!

“Accept the risen Jesus into your life.  Even if you have been far away, take a small step toward him; he awaits you with open arms.” -Pope Francis

I love Easter.  It is so beautiful to celebrate our risen Lord.  The triduum is always so beautiful yet somber; and to wake up on Easter — to this joyous and beautiful day — is always such a gift.  I love reflecting on how through and after the suffering, there is always the resurrection.  It brings about so much hope and trust in Christ.

We celebrated Easter morning by going to Mass.  After Mass we had a wonderful dinner at Craig’s Grandma’s.  Then we headed back to Lincoln so we could celebrate at home, too.  When we got home, the Easter bunny had come to visit.  He left Henry a basket and eggs to find.  I wasn’t sure if Henry would understand the concept of looking for eggs and putting them in his basket, but he did!  It was so much fun.


Henry looking through his Easter basket.



And he is off hunting for eggs around the house!




Happy Easter from our family to yours!  May we all truly invite the risen Lord into our hearts, minds, and lives, and may we all share His joy and hope with others!


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