Mother’s Day with my Mom

Jennifer had the brilliant idea to get my Mom a cooking class for Mother’s Day.  My Mom was out of town for Mother’s Day this year so it worked out well to have the cooking class a few days before Mother’s Day to celebrate her.

I had never taken a cooking class before, and I am so glad I did!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was so fun to learn some new tips and get some new ideas on ways to prepare different foods.  We took the class at Art and Soul.  We made three different types of lahvosh: Thai Chicken, White Arugula, and Margarita.  We learned how to make the lahvosh crust, how to prepare the toppings, and how to assemble the lahvosh.  They were all SO delicious.  I’m already planning on making the White Arugula soon.  After we all made the food, then we sat down to eat.

Even more so than enjoying the cooking tips and the food, I loved spending time with my Mom and Jennifer.  It was so fun to experience together and to enjoy time with each of them.  Craig and I always talk about how fun it is so share and give “experiences” as gifts to others, and I am so glad that we did this as a gift for my Mom.  I always feel like any time with my Mom and Jennifer is so special.  They teach me so much about how to treat others and to view everything with love, peace, and joy.  I am so grateful for them and the time spent with them.



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