Mother’s Day

Craig and Henry made my Mother’s Day very special.  It was such a fun day filled with many blessings.

We went to mass and had brunch with Craig’ family that morning.  It was nice spending time with them that morning.  After they left, Craig said he and Henry were going to take me on an adventure.  Our adventure was to decorate our front porch.  We hadn’t done anything to it since we moved in so it was fun to be able to do together.


We started off at Lowes and picked some flowers for our window boxes.  Then we went to Earl May to get some branches for a big pot by our front door.  Then we went to Target to get a pot, chairs, and doormat.  Then we headed home to start working on our porch.

While we planted the flowers and set everything up, Henry played with his water table that Craig put together that weekend.  He loved playing in the water.  I think he could’ve played in it all day.  It was so fun watching him play in it.  He did also help me plant some of the flowers.  He loved pouring the soil in the window boxes.  He loves to help.


I love how our front porch looks now.  I am so glad Craig had this idea to take the time to set up our front porch.  A lot of our neighbors have chairs on their front porch, and it always looks so welcoming.  I think our home looks more welcoming now.  We aren’t quite finished, but we made some good progress with it.


For supper, Craig made some steaks, and we made the white arugula lahvosh.  It was delicious and made for a very special meal.  After we ate, Craig surprised me with some cards from him and Henry, as well as a painting Henry made for me at daycare.

I am so blessed to have such a supportive husband who appreciates me being a Mom and who strives to help me be the best Mom I can be.  I am also so blessed to be a Mom — and not only to be a Mom, but to be Henry and Baby’s Mom.  I am so grateful that God has called me to bring life into the world with Craig, and that He has called me to love, nurture, protect, and form these little souls.

Lord, thank you for the gift of being a Mom.  Thank you for the gift of being a parent with Craig.  Thank you for the gift of Henry and Baby.  May I always remember that Henry and Baby are Your children first.  You have entrusted them to me and Craig to bring back to You.  Form my mind, heart, words, and actions to form Henry and Baby according to Your will for them.  May I always share your love and mercy with them so they may come to know You, Your love, and Your mercy.  Please bless me with your wisdom to share with them.  Please bless me with your guidance and strength to know when to step in and when to let go.  I pray that Henry and Baby will come to know you, personally, Jesus, and that they may come to love you and serve you.  Mary, my Mother, please teach me to be a mother.  You are the perfect Mother to Jesus.  Pray that I may grow in virtue so that I may strive to be like you.


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