Our Lady of Fatima

We celebrated Our Lady of Fatima’s feast day on May 13th.  This was the 100 year anniversary of her apparition to Jacinta, Lucia, and Francisco.  Craig, Henry, and I went to mass that morning.  After mass we got doughnuts to celebrate.  When we got home, we put some flowers by Our Lady of Fatima’s statue that we have of her to honor her.

During mass, Father Hall was talking about Our Lady of Fatima and the prophecies she made to Jacinta, Lucia, and Francisco.  One of them was about World War II, the second was about the communism in Russia, and the third was about the attack of the family and children.

After mass, Craig and I were discussing what a great patron Our Lady of Fatima would be for our family.  A few years ago, my previous spiritual director, Fr. Courtney, gave me a 3 ft. tall state of Our Lady of Fatima.  I didn’t have a special devotion to her at the time.  He was just generous and gave it to me.  Even looking back at our time in Omaha, Henry’s pediatrician’s office had pictures and explanations about Our Lady of Fatima all over.  I used to show Henry the pictures and read about Our Lady to him as we waited for the nurses and the doctor.  Our Lady of Fatima has been reaching out to us for quite some time.

Craig and I were talking about how this was not a coincidence that Fr. Courtney gave the statue to me.  Looking at God’s calling for our family, I think this was a gift from God and from Mary to our family.  We pray that Our Lady of Fatima will watch over our family and our children to keep us near to Christ and united with Christ always.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.



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