Season Everything with Love

My Grandma Emanuel made the best cinnamon rolls.  I always looked forward to eating them whenever we went to visit her.  She also always made them on Easter.  Cinnamon rolls were one of her many staples.

My Grandma was always cooking.  She raised 10 kids on a farm so I imagine she spent quite a bit of her time doing this.  One Christmas, my Mom and Aunt Linda put together a cookbook of some of her recipes, as well as some family recipes, and gave a copy of the cookbook to all of my cousins.  It is a neat keepsake in remembrance of her that I use frequently.  I even find myself wondering, “I wonder if Grandma had a recipe for that.”  I will flip through the cookbook to see if one is in there.  I just made her banana bread the other week.

My Grandma’s cookbook was titled ‘Season Everything with Love’.  I know that is why all her food always tasted so delicious was because she put love into it.  I think if cooking for my husband, my children, and/or our guests is done with the intention of love, it truly is a gift to them and an act of service for not only them, but for God.  A [simple] daily task is elevated to the supernatural.

My Grandma passed along her cooking skills to my Mom.  I go to my Mom a lot for different recipes.  I think I am going to start posting some every once in awhile so that I will always have them.  I love family recipes and the story or memory associated with the recipes.

Jennifer and I have been trying to perfect my Grandma’s cinnamon rolls.  Her recipe is not exact so we have had to figure some things out.  Jennifer mostly figured it out, and she shared it with me.  Mine never turn out quite like my Grandma’s, but hopefully someday, they’ll be close.  I still love making them, nonetheless, and thinking of her when I do.



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