Goodbye Fairview

On this feast day of the Ascension of our Lord, I reflect on Christ’s time with his disciples.  He left them on earth on this day to ascend into heaven.  He wasn’t with them physically, but He was still with them.  He is still with us.  He is still with me.  He lets me know that He is with me every step of the way and that He will always love me.

I can’t help but think of God’s providence in having my last day at Fairview be on this feast of the Ascension.  I didn’t really think about it until I was at Mass this morning.  I have been working at Fairview for 5 years.  It has been my first ‘professional’ job as a speech-language pathologist.  It has been a place where I have grown and learned my profession, as well as in my confidence, humility, perseverance, and dependence on God.

I have been very blessed to work at Fairview.  I have worked with some wonderful students and families, and some amazing co-workers who I can now call friends.  I am truly humbled to work with some of these educators.  I have learned so much from them on how they treat others, how they deal with behaviors, how they share their love for teaching not only the curriculum but life lessons.


Today I am leaving Fairview.  This is the last of mine and Craig’s ‘life’ here in Omaha.  God is closing the door to our life in Omaha.  He is opening several other doors to our life in Lincoln.  I can only imagine how Jesus’ disciples felt when He ascended into heaven.  I feel as though they had to have been a little fearful or wondering what was next.  Maybe I am just trying to relate and think that they feel as though I feel.  Jesus gave this joy to his disciples when He ascended, though.  He gave them hope.  And then He gave them the Holy Spirit to truly strengthen them and fill them with gifts and fruits.  He promised them that He would be with them and that He loved them.  I know this is exactly what He is sharing with me today.  Jesus loves me.  Jesus will be with me every step I take.


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